Safeguard Yourself!

Regrettably, even though the vast majority of women who make use of the services of agencies and websites such as ours do so with the intention of finding a partner in the west, there will inevitably be a small percentage of people who will abuse such a service for personal gain. As we do not use the practice of "mirroring" and "re branding" a central database, but insist on individual submissions of ladies' profiles, we hope that our service should attract a smaller amount of dubious submissions.

If you feel that a person who you have contacted through our service might be attempting to misrepresent themselves for personal gain, please send us details of all communications. We shall investigate the matter, remove the profile from our system, and, if appropriate, will forward the details both to the relevant authorities in the person's home country, and the main "Blacklists".

There are a number of sensible precautions to take when conducting a relationship with a person in another country, to avoid ending up in such a position.

  • Is there a large age difference - whilst many women feel more comfortable with an older man, an age difference of twenty years or more should arouse suspicions.
  • When you receive a reply to a letter, does it sound as though it has been written specifically to you, or is it just a "form" letter with a few blanks filled in.
    Note - the first letter you receive may well be such, if a lady's English is not very good, she might have prepared an initial letter which she sends in reply to all first contacts.
  • Do her photographs look like a model's publicity photos? It is not unknown for unscrupulous women to pretend that a photo of an actress or model is their own. A photo which looks like it came from an expensive studio, should arouse suspicions, as the saying goes: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Does she ask for money, perhaps to visit you? It is virtually impossible for an average citizen of the FSU to visit a Western country, without having proof that she has already met with her sponsor/fiancee. Whilst it is not unusual, once a relationship is firmly established, for a lady to ask her prospective partner for some financial assistance, it should certainly ring alarm bells if this happens early on!
  • Do not exaggerate your financial or social standing - if a lady truly likes you as a person, she is not likely to be put off by discovering that you are not actually a director of a multinational corporation! A women who is truly looking for a long term relationship will be looking for qualities like humour, kindness, shared interests etc, however a scammer will primarily be interested in the size of your bank balance.

Perhaps the most important thing is to go by your instincts, if you hear alarm bells ringing, your subconscious is probably trying to tell you something!

If you have doubts about your prospective partner, you may well be advised to check some of the websites listed below, who maintain databases of known scammers.

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This is a non-profit website dedicated to protection against fraud in the international dating industry (so called "Russian wives scams").
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On this site we offer a wide selection of useful and informative articles designed to help you to recognize a prospective scammer. Numerous articles are written in the FAQ style you so will be able to filter them easily.
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