Here is a collection of links to websites, organised by category, that you may find useful in building a knowledge and understanding of the culture of Russia and Eastern Europe.

An On-line Russian Reference Grammar Visit Website
An excellent online tutorial with interactive tests on Russian grammar.. Visit Website site gives you the help you need to master Russian grammar, learn new vocabulary, practice in speaking and reading Russian, and learn fascinating facts about Russian culture.
Russian language course - online and free Visit Website
This site is intended for those willing to learn Russian language online. No previous knowledge of the language is assumed. It may also be useful for those who want to brush up their Russian.
The Alternative Russian Dictionary Visit Website
A dictionary of Russian slang - a part of The Alternative Dictionaries collection - This could come in handy!
Culture & History
Friends and Partners Visit Website
Friends and Partners now represents a community of people all over the world who provide information and communications services to promote better understanding, friendship and partnership between individuals and organizations of the west and countries of the Former Soviet Union.
Introduction to Russian Culture Visit Website
Comprehensive listing of historical references and articles from the 13th Century right up to the present day.
PRAVDA.Ru - English Edition Visit Website
The online, English language edition of Pravda - Russian news and events, plus a uniquely russian perspective on world news.
KYIV POST - English Edition Visit Website is the Web site for the Kyiv Post weekly newspaper and the Kyiv Post Daily newsletter, published jointly by KP Publications, based in Kyiv, Ukraine.
The CIA World Factbook -- Russia Visit Website
Presents general facts on the country and focuses on its economy, government, people, transportation, communications, and geography.
Face of Russia Visit Website
Who are the Russian people? How have they expressed their character and inner conflicts in their art and culture? And, as Russia’s long-awaited democracy develops, how will the Russian people redefine themselves culturally, spiritually, and politically?
Web Portals
ADMINET - Russian Federation Visit Website
A Cyber-Documentation Center delivering general information about governmental authorities and public services in the Russian Federation.
InsideRussia Visit Website
Information covers topics like economy, government, demographics, geography and more.
Russia on the Net Visit Website
The original Russian web directory.
Rambler (In Russian) Visit Website
Russian Language web directory.
InfoUkes - Information Resource about Ukraine Visit Website
The InfoUkes web server provides information on Ukraine and Ukrainian people throughout the world. The topics range from history, culture, maps, genealogy, software, thru media and news publications on the Internet.
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