Welcome to the new Global Singles website - our aim is to provide a simple, reliable method for western men to meet ladies from the countries of the Former Soviet Union. Our company does not charge any fee for ladies to publish their details on the site, and we have a strict privacy policy - we will never pass a members' personal information to a third party without his prior permission to do so.

Useful Information about the Former Soviet Union

We have put together a collection of information that we hope will be useful for anyone who is interested in the countries of the Former Soviet Union (or is contemplating a relationship with a citizen of such a county). Topics include a searchable listing of all the area codes of major towns and cities within the Former Soviet Union, Information on Translation programs and using Cyrillic characters (featuring some useful freeware and shareware resources).

Also included is some background info & links to some interesting sites about Russian culture and history. We have included information about Visa requirements, Immigration laws and links to relevant government and embassy websites. Our final offering is some guidelines and cautions on how to avoid some of the scams that do occasionally occur.

Please note that, whilst we have spent considerable time and effort checking all the information, we cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions. If you do find an error, or can suggest a resource that you think should be included, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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