Welcome to the new Global Singles website - our aim is to provide a simple, reliable method for western men to meet ladies from the countries of the Former Soviet Union. Our company does not charge any fee for ladies to publish their details on the site, and we have a strict privacy policy - we will never pass a members' personal information to a third party without his prior permission to do so.

Mission Statement
Our philosophy is to provide a discrete, reliable and honest service to introduce Men from the "West" to women from the countries of the Former Soviet Union. Our service for ladies is completely free - we do not make any charges for inclusion into our database. We publish (And adhere to) a strict Privacy Policy, so that users of our service can be assured that they will not be deluged by unsolicited email as a result of signing up!

Whilst the vast majority of ladies who submit their profiles to a service such as ours are sincerely committed to finding a suitable partner, there will always be a small percentage of people who will abuse such a service for personal gain. If any users know of such abuse in connection with anyone in our database, please let us know, so that we can investigate and remove the offender from the system, and if appropriate, notify the authorities in her own country. For more information, please see our Scams page.

About Us
We first encountered each other about seven years ago (on the web of course!) and, after spending many months exchanging letters and emails, we at last met in person in Natalia's home city of Odessa - within days of that meeting we knew that we would be spending the rest of our lives together. We decided that, given our own personal experience, we would be uniquely qualified to create an agency that was more than just a business venture - we would like to think that we can help others to find the same happiness that we have found!

Henry Nurdin
Henry Nurdin Henry is a programmer and web designer, one of the directors of Severn Media Group, a design and printing company that is rapidly becoming a name to be reckoned with in the UK, with many major companies and local authorities as clients.

Natalia Nurdin
Henry's wife, native of Odessa in the Ukraine, prior to their marriage, Natalia was manager of the Carte Blanche marriage agency in Odessa. Natalia Nurdin
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