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Anna Matzapura - Age 57 from Ukraine.

Anna Matzapura is a lonely 57 year old Customs Officer from Kherson, Ukraine, who is searching for her soulmate in the West - Anna would like to hear from you!

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Anna's Profile.

Anna Matzapura - Age 57 from Ukraine.
Full Name: Anna Matzapura
Date of birth: February 24th 1953
City: Kherson
Country: Ukraine
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Occupation: Customs Officer
Education: University
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 75 kg
ColorEyes: Brown
ColorHair: Auburn
Marital Status: single
Children: one
Religion: Christian
Smoking: Non Smoker
Drinking: Drink Socially
Language Ability
English: A Little Flemish: Not Spoken
French: Not Spoken Italian: Not Spoken
German: Not Spoken Spanish: Not Spoken
About Her Ideal Partner
Ideal Age of Partner: 55 to 70
Loving,Trusting,Communicator,a person who appreciates being cuddled closely, hugged tightly. Search decent,kind,careful,without harmful habits the man.For creation strong family. I want to have the man true and devoted. Wants a close friendship first with a active loving marriage later, and forever. A solid union where lies do not exist and where integrity is simply expected. External the beauty does not matter. Important only - kind soul and good heart.
About Herself
honest, Caring. intellectually. I the loving,kind,actively, decent, careful, quiet,confident,reliable,fair,Cheerful, I have sense of humour, good mistress. Lack - very much impatient. I like to work in a garden and in a kitchen garden - I like to prepare for a meal and I love a cosiness in the house.
I work in business on external economy. I do not want a nidle mind, nor become a couch potato. I enjoy my job for I meet so many nice people and am able to witness to them.
don't really believe that there is an ideal relationship. This is only found in the movies and fiction books. It must be developed, cared for and maintained by both parties. Trust, being honest and being loyal and knowing that the other person in your life has the same values. Communication between two people is a MUST. Without communication, then there's no relationship and what you do have will soon die. Giving each other total support and knowing that the other is always there for you no matter what happens. Learning each others desires and meeting them to the point that you can see pleasure on their face. Thus giving you total satisfaction in knowing that you're meeting their needs. Being considerate of each other in all things. To have a super relationship, I feel the best attempt to being ideal is giving that person the feeling of being so secure and loved that other relationships in the past are a very distance memory. To be sensitive to each others needs and feelings. Being able to pick up on things that involve each other. When somebody has written you a letter after reading your profile, if you want to pursue anything with that person or not then be considerate enough to at least write back and thank them for their interest. Being considerate to other peoples needs is part of a solid relationship. As you can see that I also like to write. Maybe hard to believe that I'm alittle shy at first, but warm up very fast once I feel comfortable with somebody. Being open minded and willing to try new things like me is a plus for us both. Will be looking to hear from you when you're ready.
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Anna Matzapura - Age 57 from Ukraine.
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